Shipping And Cellaring Details


Thank you for your recent order. We are excited to share our wines with you! Your wines have been on a long journey from our winery to you. While you may be excited to open a bottle now, we recommend giving the wine time to settle. In order to enjoy this wine at its best, please wait at least a week from the time of delivery before opening a bottle.


We are excited to have switched to compostable shipping materials. We've partnered with Green Cell Foam, the most environmentally sustainable and functional packaging material available. Made from American-grown corn, Green Cell Foam is certified compostable and can be dissolved in your sink for safe and easy disposal. You can even use it to fertilize your
garden! And it offers incredible protection of your wine during shipping. For more information, please visit


For wines you do not plan to drink soon, we recommend holding them at proper cellar temperature (ideally near 57°F), humidity, darkness, and a vibration-free environment.


For tasting notes on this wine and on additional Pangloss Cellars releases, please visit


If you have any questions about your order or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at or 707.681.2940. We are always happy to assist you!